Online Treasure Hunt Ideas "Liam The Leprechaun"


OnlineTreasure Hunt Ideas "Liam The Leprechaun"

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The morning of St. Patty’s you’ll leave our special note from Liam on each of their pillows, beckoning them to the chase. Each clue will lead your children one step closer to tricky little Liam who snuck into the house during the night and left his mark wherever he could.  Each new clue reports that you’ve just missed Liam—but goads them on to his next hiding place! Watch your children’s excitement as they’ve found the milk that Liam has turned green, his mark in the pantry, proof of the luxurious bath that he took, and much more! The hunt ends when the kids find Liam’s pot of gold—but once again miss Liam (who promises to be back next year).  Our "Liam The Leprechaun" online treasure hunt ideas packet includes ten printable clues, a list of things needed to play this game (along with all printable resources), and instructions.  Download, print and see if YOU can catch  Liam the Leprechaun! Online treasure hunt ideas "Liam The Leprechaun" download.

After placing this game on the web we had so much positive feedback.  Our customers loved this idea and had so much fun with their kids with this treasure hunt game.  Our little leprechaun is just so sneaky that the kids can never ever catch up with him.  He is even clever enough to sprinkle magic dust in their hair.  When we did this game with my grand kids, it was hilarious.  They didn't really want to find that leprechaun.  They were so timid going around corners and peaking inside bathrooms and I mean barely peaking.  They lived up and became a lot more enboldened when they went to the dryer and found out how little he was.  My little grand daughter said, He's just tiny".  They must have been expecting an ogre size elf.  I think I would be a little bit afraid myself.  You are going to have so much fun with this online treasure hunt ideas packet.  Next year we will continue the search for our leprechaun and we will see if he gets caught.

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